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勤勉地 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
assiduously  ·  diligently

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He was assiduous in performance of duty .


He was assiduous in performance of duty.


But on the second,I applied myself assiduously to the task.


For while George was a husband and father of earnest strenuousness, the majority of his eight siblings turned out to be a giddy and ill-behaved crew.


With such aids and an honest purpose to do whatever is right,I hope to execute diligently,impartially


She was always in the same place, always bent industriously over a piece of work


She was always in the same place, always bent industriously over a piece of work .


The story of the little prince of life with a serious attitude, he diligently to clear the crater, pulling the monkey bread tree seedlings.


Put what you believe into practise diligently!!


The manner faithful, sincere, good, is honest* Has accepts the new thing and adapts the new environment ability, the aspect of knowledge is broad, also can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the very big potential to be possible to dig* Dares to meet the challenge, facing reality; Works, is quickly rigorous* Is professional practical and the good team cooperation spirit, rich affinityIn four years, the system study chemistry aspect basic theory and the correlation project technical knowledge, has studied the economic The management study and the accounting and so on the management class theory knowledge, has studied independently the homepage manufacture and the network maintenance and the management knowledge, also has obtained the computer and English aspect national level certificate, obtained the applied chemistry and business management double bachelor the degree, has enriched own aspect of knowledge, simultaneously also obtains the basic research aspect thought and the experimental training, has the good scientific accomplishment, the chemical elementary operation eo skill and in the economical management and so on the various skill Studies for the purpose of application, through university's study, I may be engaged in the light industry, the medicine, the light industry product production profession and the design research department, the management foreign trade department, and other management control sections Certainly, university's education aims at the education for all-around development, so long as the company need, I firmly obey the company the arrangement, because I believe the company "person its material" servant environment In the company leaders and under the colleagues concern instruction, I can do one's best and splendidly complete the task which the company arranges "The honest code of honor" is my motto;"Strives constantly for self-improvement" is my struggle power;"Does a line, loves a line, drills line, a fine line" is my life manner If Mongolia hires, settledly assiduously works, not let people downsStill is perhaps immature but actually longs for the superego scholar, sincere hope your reply Prosperously wishes your firm to be developed, progresses day by day!

方式忠实,恳切,好,是诚实的*有接受新事和适应新环境能力,知识的方面是宽广的,能还负担困难并且站立坚苦工作,有非常大潜力是可能开掘*胆敢接受挑战,面对现实;工作,迅速是严谨的*是专业实用和好队合作精神、富有的亲合力在四年,系统研究化学方面基本的理论和交互作用项目技术知识,学习了经济管理研究和会计等等管理类理论知识,独立地学习了主页制造和网络维护和管理知识,并且获得了计算机并且英国方面全国平实证明,被获得应用的化学和业务管理双学士程度,丰富拥有知识的方面,并且同时获得基础研究方面被认为并且实验性训练,有好科学成就,化工基本的操作eo 技巧和在经济管理等等各种各样的技巧研究为应用的目的,通过大学的研究,我也许一定订婚轻工业、医学、轻工业产品生产行业和设计研究部门、管理对外贸易部门,和其它管理控制段,大学的教育瞄准教育为全能发展,只要公司需要,我牢固地服从公司安排,因为我相信公司&人它的物质&仆人环境在公司领导和在同事之下有关指示,我可能做某人最佳和精采地完成公司安排&荣誉诚实的代码&是我的座右铭的任务;&力争self-improvement&经常是我的奋斗力量;&做线,爱线,操练线,一线细线& settledly 勤勉地是我的生活方式如果蒙古聘用,工作,不是让下来仍然是或许发育未全的但实际上渴望superego 学者的人,您的回复兴旺祝愿您的企业被开发的恳切的希望,天天进步!

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assiduous 勤勉的 | assiduously 勤勉地 | assify 愚弄

assiduously:勤勉地, 恳切地

assiduous | 勤勉的, 刻苦的 | assiduously | 勤勉地, 恳切地 | assify | 愚弄


diligent 勤勉的 | diligently 勤勉地 | dill 莳萝


diligence /勤勉/勤奋/公共马车/ | diligently /勤勉地/勤奋地/ | dill /时萝/时萝的果实/


industrious /勤勉的/努力的/勤勉/孳/ | industriously /勤勉地/努力地/ | indwell /存在于/存在/


seductively 诱惑地 | sedulity 勤勉 | sedulous 勤勉的

sedulously:勤勉地; 孜孜不倦地 (副)

sedulous 勤勉的; 仔细的; 聚精会神的 (形) | sedulously 勤勉地; 孜孜不倦地 (副) | see a wolf 张口结舌


Amli. 阿蜜莉雅. 拉丁. 勤勉地. 劳动地. | Amli. 阿蜜莉英文美丽地善良地. | Amy,艾咪,法国,最心爱的人,可爱的.

Amli:阿蜜莉雅. 拉丁. 勤勉地. 劳动地

Alv. 阿尔娃拉丁. 白皙地. | Amli. 阿蜜莉雅. 拉丁. 勤勉地. 劳动地. | Amli. 阿蜜莉英文美丽地善良地.

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lva. 阿尔娃拉丁. 白皙地. | melia. 阿蜜莉雅. 拉丁. 勤勉地. 劳动地. | meli. 阿蜜莉英文美丽地善良地.