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加快 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
expedite  ·  mend  ·  quicken  ·  expedited  ·  mends  ·  swiften  ·  expedites  ·  expediting  ·  mended  ·  quickened  ·  quickens

step on the juice · crank up · leap up
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Cannon, the alarm reaction involves , among other changes ,increased heart rate and blood pressure, producing an increased supply of oxygen to the muscles ,changes to the digestive system, rapid digestion of sugars for increased energy ,and alterations in the composition of the blood such that clotting occurs more quickly.

经由 W.Cannon 的系统研究,警戒反应包括,心率加快、血液升高、血糖消化加快已提供更多能量,血液成分的交替变化比如血凝固更快更多。

Direct against these defects, I put forward the countermeasures of developing democracy and perfecting supervision mechanism guiding with Marxist thought about developing democracy and perfecting supervision mechanism: Accelerate the paces of the political reform; sound the legal mechanism of supervision, accelerate the legislative process of supervision; Strengthen the supervision to the leader; Give play to the role of the allosome supervision.


Wang Xiaoqi expresses, be based on above analysis, can see accelerate adjust recombining should be steely enterprise answers a challenge, the most significant step that solves contradiction to be able to be adopted, also be the underlying demand that enterprise implementation can expand continuously; Look from another angle, also be Chinese iron and steel industry is accelerated in the near future adjust recombine, realize the favorable opportunity that the industry upgrades.


Opuntia Milpa Alta prolonged the exhausted swimming time of mice notably, strengthened the LDH activity, accelerated the removing of the LA and BUN, strengthened the SOD activity of liver and skeletal muscle, accelerated the removing of the MDA content of liver and skeletal muscle, demonstrated positive Anti-Movement-Fatigue function. We inferred one of Anti-Movement-Fatigue mechanism was that Opuntia Milpa Alta could increase the exercise ability and load adaptive capacity of the organism and accelerate the removing of metabolites.


At the municipal garden, the city will improve the construction of six major functional areas and intensify environmental governance and beautification, greening efforts, dredging water, the pleasance green building and achieving overall urban image "three years to upgrade, five changes," to Anyang become a beautiful environment, and a healthy ecosystem, transport facilities, living happy and harmonious are advised humanities in cities; Speed up urban road network construction, complete transformation of governance alley project, increase import and export of urban rectification, improve urban infrastructure facilities; urban greening and water systems around the center building, and continue to promote cycling River, the development of river flood management, a comprehensive management of urban rivers absence, the Huan River River scenery tourism belt development.


Take change idea, walk out of understanding error; to adjust policy, optimize the system environment; such as census register, social security and land to build unified labour market; to strengthen rural education, raise farmer quality; to accelerate town to change process; to accelerate new-style industrialized process, the measure such as prosperous tertiary industy, can accelerate Chu Xiong to city country labor is transferred and quicken farmer citizen to change a course.


In this paper the importation of translations that the value orientation of personnel, organization and personnel employment orientation towards the mobile space changes focusing on concepts, organizations, systems, cultural, and social aspects of China's human impact on the flow of major issues, from the political, economic, cultural, market, environment etc., the promotion and protection of the rational flow of talents to deal with comments and suggestions, as follows: In politics, setting up the political sense of talent with the progress of time spirit, implementing roundly the strategy to strengthen nation by relying on talent, establishing quickly the system to manage talent and reforming the system of personnel; In economy,talent flow corresponding with economic construction, assorting talent's structure with economic structure, paying attention to the economic benefit from talent flow, quickening to construct the social welfare system of talent, founding the flexible system of employment and reducing the cost of talent flow; In culture, stressing on the functions of culture for talent flow, cultural model corresponding with the model of talent flow, sparking plug the excellent culture to facilitate talent flow and erecting the cultural system to motivate talent flow; In marketing, unifying the thinking to developing talent market, enhancing the construction of talent market and fastening the growth of service agency for talent; In surroundings, grasping the elements of talent surroundings, optimizing the circumstance of talent flow and building the condition to look after the security of talents.


Based on the actuality of agricultural ecological security and regional heterogeneity in Hunan, the paper expounds the countermeasure including: strictly control the increasing of population, choose the agricultural resource using model by adjust measures to local conditions, speed the course of agricultural industrialization, establish the investment system of agricultural ecological security, adjust energy sources structure in country, put the returning cultivated land into forest project in practice, perfect the surveillance and forecast system of agricultural ecological security, reinforce the legislation and propagandizing of agricultural environment protection, and popularize the knowledge of ecological security.


Organic and compound cation garrulous coagulates the agent is to use chemical law compound a kind of new-style cation garrulous coagulates agent, belong to domestic and international initiate, with other and groovy drug photograph comparing has 5 big advantages: The photograph such as aluminium of as aggregate as commonly used drug chloridize, aggregate and vitriolic iron, vitriolic aluminium is compared, coagulate with garrulous of polypropylene acyl amine the agent is used jointly, medical dose is little, reduce useless water treatment to expend about 20 % thereby, 30 %; Effect of processing liquid waste is good, garrulous is round settling speed is fast, make liquid waste can second birth is used, managing water natural resources; Its garrulous group is sedimentary filterability can be good, slime can reclaim inside entire plant, namely energy-saving be helpful for protecting an environment again; Corrode to equipment small; Have muti_function, have agglomeration effect already, again garrulous coagulates action and the action that aid filter, can serve as filter aid.内容来自www.ch-water.com


It was suggested that contractility and pumping function of LV had a strong ability in reservation. 7. With increased HR, there was a decreasingly decrease in FTVI and TTVI and a significant compansatory increase in APFV、ATVI and AFF (HR<100BPM) and in peak flow velocity (HR≥100BPM). 8. There was no differences between males and females in cardiac function.


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accelerated test:加快试验

accelerated particle 加快粒子 | accelerated test 加快试验 | accelerating anode 加快阳极

accelerated depreciation:兩- 加速折舊(貶值) 港- 加快折舊 台- 加速折舊

abuse of trust 港- 違反信託 | accelerated depreciation 兩- 加速折舊(貶值) 港- 加快折舊 台- 加速折舊 | accelerating trend 內- 加快態勢 港- 加速趨勢

accelerating trend:內- 加快態勢 港- 加速趨勢

accelerated depreciation 兩- 加速折舊(貶值) 港- 加快折舊 台- 加速折舊 | accelerating trend 內- 加快態勢 港- 加速趨勢 | acceleration clause 兩- 加速清還條款

acceleration of gravity:重力加快度

acceleration error coefficient,加快度误差系数 | acceleration of gravity,重力加快度 | acceleration simulator,加快度仿真器

acceleration simulator:加快度仿真器

acceleration of gravity,重力加快度 | acceleration simulator,加快度仿真器 | accelerometer,加快度计

acceleration error coefficient:加快度误差系数

acceleration,加快度 | acceleration error coefficient,加快度误差系数 | acceleration of gravity,重力加快

accelerated field test:加快野外测试

accelerated creep 加快蠕变 | accelerated field test 加快野外测试 | accelerated test method 加快测试方法

quicken:加快 vi.加快

quickly 快,迅速 | quicken 加快 vi.加快 | quiet 寂静的;安静的

accelerationg voltage:加快电压

accelerated test,加快试验 | accelerationg voltage,加快电压 | acceleration,加快