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moment  ·  moments

moment of force
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Cable reel motor torque constant tension which has the characteristics When the load increases in the motor output shaft speed will automatically come down, volume Rao assured when cable tension unchanged. Rao nature of this excellent performance closely integrated with the Volume; Cage used motor hysteresis coupling increases in size, functionality, easy installation, the constant tension similar characteristics, we can under the conditions required output torque. They can pull the cable external circumstances, hysteresis coupling protect cables; using torque motor controller to increase frequency hysteresis couplings Surge part because of the cable reel SCR converter using a new technology operation, smoothing adjustments to the motor terminal voltage, thereby ensuring that the output torque of the motor unchanged. so that the cable can smooth the road with the truck


This paper presents an analysis of the moment of inertia of coiler in hot strip mill in detail, the derivation of theoretical formula of the inertia and the analysis,taking 2050 hot strip mill for example, of the inertia change rule and the compensation of moment of inertia .

对热轧带钢卷取机的惯性力矩进行了分析,推导出惯性力矩的理论表达式,并结合 2 0 50热轧卷取机分析了惯性力矩的变化规律,对惯性力矩进行了补偿。

Then analyses the principle of direct current moment electromotor and builds the mathematical model and gives the block graph of transfer function and studies the PWM control strategy.


The output torque is made up of the torque caused by the magnetic field, the torque caused by the plastic viscosity of the MR fluid,and the torque caused by the coulomb friction.


When we analyse rigid body with the theory of limit equilibrium, we do not obtain always reasonable maximal principle in physics, and the maximal value is the result of soil plasticity deformation.(2) Thoroughly commenting the typical method of slices from their satisfid equilibrium conditions, calculational parameter and their convergence, the thesis sortes the methods into four kinds. The first satisfies all kinds of equilibrium conditions, can obtain interslice force and the factor of safety.


In lateral bending, the new PARAPODIUM increased 8.3% than the traditional PARAPODIUM. In torsion, the new PARAPODIUM increased 144.5% than the traditional PARAPODIUM. Additionally, the new PARAPODIUM generated extra moment about 8.5 N-m in flexion.

作用力矩中,新型在侧向力矩中比旧型平均增加8.3%,在扭转力矩中新型比旧型平均增加144.5%,且新型PARAPODIUM会额外产生8.5 N-m的前弯力矩

Under the conditions to consider the influence of the inertia of loading side and the stiffness of torque sensor,the dynamic models are established,the conclusion that the superfluous moment is related to the motion velocity,acceleration,and the differential of acceleration is presented.0n the basis of this dynamic model,a more effective control method to reject to extraneous moment from the view point of the division and cooperation of the function of the controller,i.e.hybrid control method,is proposed.


The experiment result shows that, as far as the environment temperature decreases -5℃, starting resistance torque increases 2.5 N·m; starting resistance torque increases 3-8 N·m when the rotating speed increases 50 r/min.

通过ISAD柴油机起动台架试验可以看出:相同的环境温度下,起动阻力矩随起动转速的提高而增大,每提高50 r/min,每缸平均起动阻力矩增加3~8 N·m;起动阻力矩随环境温度的下降而增加,0℃以下时,每降低5℃,平均每缸起动阻力矩增加2.5 N·m。

It introduces a kind of novel loading test system, based on the operation principle of damper. this loading system is operated by the driving motor. it realizes the loading, in that the damper has a negative drive force that puts on the motor. Based on the ordinary electromagnetic damper, the thesis presents a novel hybrid excitation electromagnetic damper which has adjustable work characteristic, analyses the working principle and structural feature of the electromagnetic damper, deduces the formulas to calculate the eddy current density through the Electromagnetic theory, analyses the distribution of the eddy current in the cotyloid rotor, and also studies the method of calculating the damp torque, establishes the mathematical model of the electromagnetic damper, analyses the relationship between the electromagnetic damper structural parameter and damp torque, researches the engineering design and analysis method of the electromagnetic damper, provides theory foundation for the design and analysis of the electromagnetic damper, contrives a hybrid excitation electromagnetic damper that satisfies the target request, designs a set of compound excitation electromagnetic damping loading control system whose control core is AT89C51 monolithic integrated circuit, analyses the electric circuit part, and carries on the experimental test to this set of electric circuits. Finally it debugs this electromagnetic damping loading system, this system satisfies the target request proposed.


Transmitted torque was composed of magnetic force torque and viscosity torque. Maximal diameter of the actuator disk was key size to improving torque. Torque by unit moment of inertia decreases and viscous power loss increases with maximal diameter increasing.


更多网络解释与力矩相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Aligning torque:回位力矩,回正力矩

aligning stud 定心棒,调心销钉 | aligning torque 回位力矩,回正力矩 | alignment apparatus 对准装置,校正装置

Carry-over moment:带过力矩,传递力矩

carry-over loss 带出损失 | carry-over moment 带过力矩,传递力矩 | carry-over of catalyst fines 催化剂粉末带出

restoring torque:回复力矩,反作用力矩

restoring moment 回复力矩 | restoring torque 回复力矩,反作用力矩 | restrain 抑制

restoring moment:回复力矩

restoring force 回复力,恢复力 | restoring moment 回复力矩 | restoring torque 回复力矩,反作用力矩

restoring moment:恢复力矩,回复力矩

restoring method 复原法,恢复法 | restoring moment 恢复力矩,回复力矩 | restoring relay 回复继电器

restraining moment:约束力矩,固端力矩

restraining coil 保持线圈,制动线圈,阻尼线圈,吸持线圈 | restraining moment 约束力矩,固端力矩 | restraint coefficient 抑制

yawning moment:方向力矩,盘旋力矩

yawn 间隙,空隙 | yawning moment 方向力矩,盘旋力矩 | Year 2000 bug 西暦2000年問題

gyrostatic moment:陀螺力矩, 回转力矩

gyrostat 回转轮 | gyrostatic moment 陀螺力矩, 回转力矩 | gyrostatic pressure 陀螺压力

righting moment:复原力矩

righting lever 复原力臂 | righting moment 复原力矩 | righting moment 复原力矩复原力矩稳性力矩

righting moment:复原力矩复原力矩稳性力矩

righting moment 复原力矩 | righting moment 复原力矩复原力矩稳性力矩 | righting test 扶正试验