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出现 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
advent  ·  appear  ·  appearance  ·  appeared  ·  appears  ·  arise  ·  arises  ·  birth  ·  come  ·  emerge  ·  emergence  ·  emersion  ·  Epiphany  ·  figure  ·  figures  ·  manifest  ·  occur  ·  occurence  ·  occurred  ·  occurrence  ·  offer  ·  offered  ·  out  ·  outcrop  ·  peep  ·  rise  ·  start  ·  starts  ·  uprise  ·  forthcome  ·  manifested  ·  outed  ·  arising  ·  birthed  ·  birthing  ·  births  ·  emerged  ·  emerges  ·  manifesting  ·  manifests  ·  offers  ·  outcropped  ·  outcrops  ·  peeped  ·  peeping  ·  peeps  ·  rises  ·  started  ·  uprises  ·  Advent  ·  apparitions  ·  occurrences  ·  stirrings

appear on the scene · blow up · come along · come forth · come into view · come out · come through · roll up · spring up · turn up · crop out · present itself · show a leg
更多网络例句与出现相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Through all this test analyse Pathogenicity and Immunological status of ALV-J Inner Mongolia strain, the result showed the infected chickens began to have pathological change of Myelcytomatosis at 3-week: the main pathological changes of acidophile myelocyte were found in bone marrow and between cardiac muscle fibers,and there were many granules in the hyalotome.This kind of oncocyte proliferated in every tissue at different amount, but the cells that proliferated in bone marrow, cardiac muscle fiber, oarium were much more than other tissue, and they often developed neoplasma. At same condition,there were no abnormalty advent in control group, In immunological aspect: the increase of lymphokine and ANAE positive cells showed cell-mediated immunity was strengthend during antineoplastic infection; the emergence of ALV-J antibody of ELISA suggest there was humoral immunity exist at the same time.


American Pop was born in the 1960s, with the emergence of international masters like Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein. Andy Warhol has had a tremendous influence on the development of Chinese art. Performance art emerged in the 1970s as well as Nam June Paik's video art and Christo and Jeanne-Claude's installation art. Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter were among the leaders of the Post Modern movement, which also flourished in the 1970s. Among them, Richter has had the most significant impact on Chinese art. New Expressionism emerged in the United States during the 1980s with artists such as Keith Haring, installation artist Ann Hamilton, and Cindy Sherman whose work is somewhat derived from New Expressionism.


The presence of early CT signs has been reported to be a predictive sign of hemorrhagic complications after reperfusion therapies[4, 5, 13 18]. Our study has also demonstrated that the rate of symptomatic hemorrhagic complications showed a tendency to increase as the grade of early CT signs increased, although a statically significant difference was not proved. A grade III CT sign may be a predictive sign for hemorrhagic complications after reperfusion therapy. In contrast, the presence of a grade I CT sign may not contraindicate reperfusion therapy.


Barley seeds were irradiated with five different doses of 60 Co-γ ray.There were many kinds of chromosome aberration in pollen mother cells,such as bridge,laggards in anaphase I and anaphase II,asymmetrical division in anaphase I and asynchronous division in anaphase II,ring quadrivalent in metaphase I,three pole division and micro-nuclei in telophase I,micro-nuclei in tetrad and some micro-nucleus separates from the tetrad to form polyad.

大麦种子经5种不同剂量γ射线辐照后, M1植株的花粉母细胞出现多种染色体畸变类型,例如后Ⅰ、后Ⅱ中出现桥、落后,后Ⅰ中出现不对称分裂,后Ⅱ中出现不同步分裂,中期Ⅰ出现环状四价体,末期Ⅰ中有三极分裂和微核,四分体中出现微核且有的微核独立于四分体,从而形成多分体。

The results of study show:1. White pulp and red pulp in parenchyma of spleen of embryo can be obviously discerned after 18 days. Periarterial lymphoid sheath and ellipsoid periarterial lymphoid sheath also can be obviously discerned in spleen of 4 days chicken. T, B lymphocytes in appendix basement of embryo emerge after 20 days. It is the initial shape of cecal tonsil. Crypt structure of conjunction of esophago and stomachus glandularis form obviously at 4 days. It is the initial shape of esophago tonsil. The germinal center firstly emerges in these three organs at 14 days. With the increase of day age, the characteristic structure peripheral immune organs gradually develop mature. Spleen achieve mature at 21 days and cecal tonsil at 35 days.2. IgM~+ and IgA~+ cells in spleen of embryo emerge at 15 days. IgG~+ cell, CD3~+ and CD8~+T lymphocytes of embryo emerge at 20 days. CD3~+, CD8~+ and IgM~+ cells in cecal tonsil of embryo emerge at 20 days. However CD4~+, IgG~+ and IgA~+ cells all emerge in 1 day age chicken out of crust. CD3~+, CD4~+, CD8~+, IgM~+ and IgG~+ cells in esophago tonsil of embryo all emerge at 20 days. However IgA~+ cells emerge in 1 day age chicken out of crust.3. The amount of T, B lymphocytes in peripheral immune organs increase follow with the increase of day age, and hold an upgrade tendency. The amount of T, B lymphocytes in spleen achieved stabilization at 21 days, and in tonsil of esophago and appendix at 35 days.


Liver pain, or even death in cirrhotic ascites; Paragonimiasis infected cysts, child or adult worms in human tissues and organs within the transitional, If staying in the lung, patients would cough, chest pain and other discomfort, live in the brain occur in epilepsy, hemiplegia, live mainly in the liver to the liver, liver pain, will live in the subcutaneous form transitional mass or nodule; Fasciolopsiasis worm infection can suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, malnutrition, etc.; Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae in human migration, lesions in the brain, can cause severe headache, nausea, vomiting, fever and neck hard, there will be serious paralysis, lethargy, coma or even death.


Thist paper chooses 90 groups of "Tong_su_yi_xu synonymic words" from "Modern Chinese dictionary ", and divides them into three kinds according to the interpretation method in the dictionary, regards web page of Sohu website as the platform, us.es the search engine to carry on the search of the word , count the frequency that every group"s word appears , and rejects artificially the mistakes appearing in all web pages that can be opened, language fact presented in observation post then carefully (namely the example sentence with this word appearing in the webpage), and find that the 90 groups of "Tong_su__yi_xu synonymic words" except that the meaning of a word is the same, have quite a few of at frequency of utilization and concrete usage for difference: Because people"s use habit and word use the difference on to cause the appearance frequency of the word analogous to or with a wide gap, because of word-building ability, the word collocates, the word overlaps or the language usually overlaps, linguistic context of area and times , the meaning of a word that the word appears are abstract and concrete, semanteme is laid particular emphasis on, the morphological feature-change, etc.


Come into being: appear 出现;产生 Before the railway came into being, a four-horse coach was a popular means of transportation.


There were no obvious differences in the horizontal distributions among each periphytic algae genuses. 4. To some extent, there were some differences in the vertical distributions In the year, 30 genuses were found at 0.5m water depth, 35 in 1/2SD, 34 in 1SD, 21 in 2SD, 19 in 3SD.


There were no obvious differences in the horizontal distributions among each periphytic algae genuses.4. To some extent, there were some differences in the vertical distributionsIn the year, 30 genuses were found at 0.5m water depth, 35 in 1/2SD, 34 in 1SD, 21 in 2SD, 19 in 3SD.


更多网络解释与出现相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

appear on the scene:出现在舞台上;登场, 出场;[喻]出现, 受到人们注意

come on the scene 出现在舞台上;登场, 出场;[喻]出现, 受到人们注意 | appear on the scene 出现在舞台上;登场, 出场;[喻]出现, 受到人们注意 | enter on the scene 出现在舞台上;登场, 出场;[喻]出现, 受到人们注...

arisen:兴起的, 出现的

arise | 出现, 发生, 起因于 | arisen | 兴起的, 出现的 | arises | 发生,出现,站立


arise /起来/出现/发生/起立/起/出/复活/起来发生/ | arisen /出现/ | arises /发生/出现/站立/

it requires the right person to be in the wrong place:[就得有合适的人在 她不该出现的地方出现]

But In Order For Gossip To Birth A True Scandal, [但要从流言... | It Requires The Right Person To Be In The Wrong Place. [就得有合适的人在 她不该出现的地方出现] | Take One "It" Girl On A Pedestal. [比如...

bring on 1:介绍 2.使发生, 使出现

bring on 1.介绍 2.使发生, 使出现 | emerge from 从...出来, 出现; 曾经一度遭到... | jump out at 突然出现; 一下子吸引住

Casual water:临时出现水区(雨水或地下水临时出现的积水区)

Cart 球车 | Casual water 临时出现水区(雨水或地下水临时出现的积水区) | Casual Water 临时积水区

Misplaced decimal point:此处不应该出现小数点

Misplaced continue 此处不应该出现continue | Misplaced decimal point 此处不应该出现小数点 | Misplaced elif directive 此处不应该出现elif

CC Drizzle:(雨打水面效果,在Simulation菜单中出现)

CC Cylineder(圆柱体贴图,在Perspective菜单中出现) | CC Drizzle(雨打水面效果,在Simulation菜单中出现) | CC Flo Motion(两点收缩变形,在Distort菜单中出现)

Flop round:翻牌圈- 首三张公共牌出现以后的押注圈

Pre-flop 底牌权 / 前翻牌圈 - 公共牌出现以前的第一轮叫注. | Flop round 翻牌圈- 首三张公共牌出现以后的押注圈 | Turn round 转牌圈- 第四张公共牌出现以后的押注圈

Hail to the Chief:出现冰雹

Side Show 让出现的河马跳舞 | Hail to the Chief =出现冰雹 | Crop Busters =出现蝗灾