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决定物 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
determinant  ·  determinants

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The capacity is even more prominent in anode of cell.


The fragment size can be amplified by 295 bp through the primer, in order to prevent false positive from appearing, a pair of internal control primers C34 is designed through the invention according to a bull autosome 3 reported sequence, the fragment size is amplified by 208bp, dual PCR amplification is performed to single bull sperm through the two pairs of primers, and then the final evaluation is performed to the sperm separation purity according to the statistical analysis to the detection result.


Cast a shadow over catch at shadows catch sb's eye catch fire catch / get a glimpse of catch sight of come to sb's knowledge come to sb's notice come to a point come /go into effect come into a fortune come into fashion come to a halt combination with commander in chief communication with commit a crime commit / make an error come into possession of sth.


You determine line of sight normally, but you determine line of effect from the conjuration.


On the basis the present results and the previous reports on syn-syn carboxylate-bridged Ni complexes, we find that the coplanarity of Ni-O-C-O-Ni dominates the magnetism.

基于本工作和文献报道的含syn-syn 羧酸混合桥联镍配合物的磁性数据,我们总结出下面结论:Ni-O-C-O-Ni的共面性与否决定了配合物的磁性。

Concentrations of heavy metals in the suspended matter and sediment are not obviously affected by elutriation of stream and dilution of tributary stream. This feacture does not change even in the distant reach downstream. Therefore, the suspended matter and sediment are the potential source of heavy metal contamination to the waters for industry and agriculture use.


After that, the article expounds how the social labor value theory overcomes the theoretical hard nuts in the financial accountings:(1) it has solved the issue of conformity between the production domain and accounting domain by holding that the social labor creates the value, which decides that the domains of production and accounting should be extended to cover the tertiary industry;(2) it has solved the issue of the valuation standards in the economic accounting by holding that the theoretical value should be converted into the actual value and that only when the price of production is used as the valuation standards can the financial accounting and economic accounting have a true valuation basis;(3) it has solved the issue of creation and distribution of surplus value and explicitly points out that the power of science and technology determines that the surplus value comes mainly from the materialized labor. Only when we have a clear understanding of this point and have realized that the value of product is created jointly by the materialized labor and the laborer can we straighten out the relationship in the distribution of earning inside the enterprise and understand that the distribution on the basis of contributed capital is a reasonable choice at present.


Taking the basic structuralist insight that words are signs whose meaning is defined not by their referent but by their relation to one another within an overall system, and thus by a system of oppositions and complements, he applied this logic to the operation of social relations and artefacts.


The unique geographic position of shelf and marginal sea causes the material supply of seafloor sediments plenteous and the material sources of them diverse. As terrigenous materials being input into the sea continually and a great deal of authigenous minerals coming into being, the sediments can be used to study the change of sea level and the meterail and energy exchange between the sea and the land.


Sediments of this system were sequentially extracted in natural granularity. The result showed that there was a good linear relationship between organic matter and org / bact P contents in sediments. This organic matter in sediments was the source of org / bact P. The total phosphorus in sediments dominated the content of total dissolved phosphorus and phosphate in interstitial water. In addition, there were good relatiohships between total phosphorus in sediment and the total dissolved phosphorus in interstitial water, and between total phosphorus in sediment and phosphate in interstitial water. FeP and AlP in sediments were correlative with Eh and phosphate in interstitial water, respectively. This showed that the FeP and AlP contents were affected by Eh in interstitial water and the total content of FeP and AlP dominated the content of phosphate in interstitial water.


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Animal spirits:動物本能

并且,一定时期投资量的多少还决定于投资人的情绪和动物本能(animal spirits). "所以,在估计未来的投资量时,我们必须考虑到那些想进行投资的人的神经是否健全,甚至他们的消化是否良好,对于气候的反应如何,因为这种种因素都可能影响一个人的情绪,

at one's discretion:由某人自行决定

221. sth. is water soluble 某物是可溶于水的 | 222. at one's discretion 由某人自行决定 | 223. launch attack on sb. 对.......发动攻击


是一种含有氨基磺酸(sulfamic acid)成份之粉末状酸洗剂,并再添加润湿剂及颜色指示剂,特殊成份之润湿剂能加强酸洗剂去除沉积物(deposit)的表面反应效果,颜色指示剂则做为简易的判识以决定系统经酸洗剂清洗后是否已有效的将设备

determent:威慑; 妨碍; 制止; 威慑物 (名)

deterioration 恶化, 变坏; 堕落; 退化 (名) | determent 威慑; 妨碍; 制止; 威慑物 (名) | determinable 可决定的 (形)

hand over sth. to sb:把某物交给某人

193. be particular about sth对......挑剔的 | 194. hand over sth. to sb.把某物交给某人 | 195. hasty decision草率的决定


鉴于游戏中你能使用的植入物(implant)装备等级是由耐力决定的,建议角色最好有16的耐力,高级植入物会带来许多好处的. 智力:决定技能点数的数量,对大量技能提供修正. 对于剧情型玩家相当重要,这点我以后会说明. 智慧:决定原力点数,

be in the possession of:某物为某人所有

19.make decisions 作出决定 | 21.be in the possession of 某物为某人所有 | 22.in the name of ... 以......的名义






我就决定和我家的花园俱乐部领导-我妈妈讨论一下,她让我探究一下堆制肥料(composting). 在尽我所能读了一些资料以后,我决定设置一个自制的堆肥箱(composting bin). 我用自家的厨房的食物废料作为这个箱的启动物(没有肉类和奶制品),