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假定 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
assume  ·  assumption  ·  hypotheses  ·  hypothesize  ·  postulate  ·  postulation  ·  premise  ·  presume  ·  presumption  ·  presupposition  ·  sez  ·  supposal  ·  suppose  ·  assumes  ·  hypothesized  ·  hypothesizes  ·  hypothesizing  ·  postulated  ·  postulates  ·  postulating  ·  premised  ·  premising  ·  presumes  ·  supposes  ·  assumptions  ·  presumptions  ·  presuppositions  ·  suppositions

supposing that · granted that
更多网络例句与假定相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

THE "GOING CONCERN" CONVENTION Contemporary accounting assumes the entity will remain in operation for the foreseeable future.


THE "GOING CONCERN" CONVENTION Contemporary accounting assumes the entity will remain in operation for the foreseeable future. This assumption is known as the "going concern" or the "continuity" convention.


Contemporary accounting assumes the entity will remain in operation for the foreseeable future.


I am not going to argue about whether people who behave altruistically are 'really' doing it for secret or subconscious selfish motives.


The Implicit Pension Debt is calculated by terminate hypothesis method: assumed that the "pay-as-you-go" pension system terminated immediately, computing all annuitant and employees pension rights, but not take account of the possible new obligation or income from pay or interest in the future, and then an actuarial model of Implicit Pension Debt is constructed.


Lawrence martyr , 10 august : the monthly recurrence known as the new moon with the old moon in her arms : the posited influence of celestial on human bodies : the appearance of a star 1st magnitude of exceeding brilliancy dominating by night and day a new luminous sun generated by the collision and amalgamation in incandescence of two nonluminous exsuns about the period of the birth of william shakespeare over delta in the recumbent neversetting constellation of cassiopeia and of a star 2nd magnitude of similar origin but lesser brilliancy which had appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of the corona septentrionalis about the period of the birth of leopold bloom and of other stars of presumably similar origin which had effectively or presumably appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of andromeda about the period of the birth of stephen dedalus , and in and from the constellation of auriga some years after the birth and death of rudolph bloom , junior , and in and from other constellations some years before or after the birth or death of other persons : the attendant phenomena of eclipses , solar and lunar , from immersion to emersion , abatement of wind , transit of shadow , taciturnity of winged creatures , emergence of nocturnal or crepuscular animals , persistence of infernal light , obscurity of terrestrial waters , pallor of human beings

显示出不同程度之生命力的缤纷色彩白浅黄深红朱红银朱诸星之亮度一直包括到七等星以等级标志的诸星之大小诸星的位置御夫座沃尔辛厄姆路172大卫的战车173土星光环螺旋星云凝固后形成有卫星的恒星群两重大阳相互依存的旋转运动伽利略西蒙马里乌斯174皮亚175勒威耶赫歇耳加勒176等人各自独立地同时所做的发现波得和开普勒所尝试的距离的立方与回转次数的平方的体系化177多毛的众彗星178那几殆无限的被压缩性,以及自近日点至远日点那广漠的远心的重返大气层的椭圆轨道陨石的恒星之起源年纪较轻的天体观测者诞生的那个时期火星上所出现的"暗波"现象179每年在圣劳伦斯节殉教者,八月十日前后降落的陨石雨每月都发生的所谓"新月抱旧月"现象180关于天体对人体的影响的假定威廉莎士比亚出生的时期,在斜倚却永不没落的仙后座那三角形上端,一颗不分昼夜散发着极亮光彩的星辰一等星出现了181这是两个无光死灭了的太阳因相撞并汞合为白热体而形成的灿烂的新太阳大约在利奥波德布卢姆出生时,出现在七星花冠星座里而后又消失了的一颗同一起源亮度却稍逊的星宿二等星182还有约于斯蒂芬迪达勒斯出生时,出现在仙女座中之后又消失,小鲁道尔夫布卢姆出生与夭折数年后出现于御夫座后又消失,以及另外一些人出生或去世前前后后出现在许许多多其他星座中而又消失了的假定是同一起源的实际存在或假定存在的星斗183 。

New growth thinks its germ depends on assuming capital limit accrual decreases successively indefinitely theoretically, begin to revise this kind to assume, formed the analytic framework of oneself, it is to assume capital limit accrual decreases successively indefinitely for one invariable and rather than; 2 be will be born at economic system inside technical factor, implicit assume capital limit tends degressively one plus.


this paper discussed several untestable assumptions which were often used in epidemiologi-cal observational studies,and some paradoxical results that may arise under different assumptions were showed.simpson's paradox and lord's paradox were introduced.assumption of treatment assignment in causal inference of epidemiological studies,assumption of control group in evaluation of exposure ef-fects,and assumption of missing data mechanisms in incomplete data analysis were also discussed.


Took Sanchaji suspension bridge in Changsha as a case study, based on different hypothesis, two methods were deduced, the parabola method of cable gravity distributing uniformly along the span, and the catenaries method of gravity distributing equally along the curve.


And it was suggested as well that assuming of the deformation curve could quite affect the damage evaluation result.


更多网络解释与假定相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

assumed mean:假定平均数

associative law 结合律 | assumed mean 假定平均数 | assumption 假定;假设

assumed median:假定中数

assumed mean 假定平均数 | assumed median 假定中数 | assumed role 自选角色

assumed median:假定中位数

配对测验 matching test | 假定中位数 assumed median | 假定平均数 assumed average; assumed mean

assumed latitude:假定纬度

assumed hull damage 假定船体损坏 | assumed latitude 假定纬度 | assumed latitude 假定纬度选定纬度

assumed latitude:假定纬度选定纬度

assumed latitude 假定纬度 | assumed latitude 假定纬度选定纬度 | assumed latitude 选定纬度

assumed decimal point:假定的小数点,假定十进位小数点,假定小数点,假设小数点

assumed datum 假定基准面 | assumed decimal point 假定的小数点,假定十进位小数点,假定小数点,假设小数点 | assumed fault calculation system 想定事故計算システム

assumed plane coordinates:假定平面坐标

"假定原点","assumed origin" | "假定平面坐标","assumed plane coordinates" | "假定船位","assumed position"


postulate 假定 | postulation 假定 | postulator 假定

presumptive test:假定试验

presumptive method 假定法 | presumptive test 假定试验 | presupposition 假定前提

suppositional:想像的; 假定的 (形)

supposition 假定; 推测; 假设 (名) | suppositional 想像的; 假定的 (形) | supposititious 假的; 假定的; 想像的; 推测的 (形)