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使警觉 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
alert  ·  alerted  ·  alerts

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They asked her about the money, and made her alertness.


When they asked the problem about money, she became alertness.


If you have configure cPanel alert email address, pager, AIM and ICQ contact information and configure alert priority assignment to send you notification whenever a service is down or failed with monitoring enabled in Service Manager, you will receive many emails or alerts saying that the service has been restarted automagically, but no magic this time, as the service is still not started automatically.


According to Coffey, people should strive throughout life to keep their brains alert by exposing themselves to new experiences.


If the latter possess native sagacity, and a nameless something more- let us call it intuition; if he show no intrusive egotism, nor disagreeably prominent characteristics of his own; if he have the power, which must be born with him, to bring his mind into such affinity with his patient's, that this last shall unawares have spoken what he imagines himself only to have thought; if such revelations be received without tumult, and acknowledged not so often by an uttered sympathy as by silence, an inarticulate breath, and here and there a word, to indicate that all is understood; if to these qualifications of a confidant be joined the advantages afforded by his recognised character as a physician- then, at some inevitable moment, will the soul of the sufferer be dissolved, and flow forth in a dark, but transparent stream, bringing all its mysteries into the daylight.


The easy tense person to be possible to use the fluorspar, puts thefluorspar on thigh once in a while solar plexus side, may enable theperson skill to be more nimble also to have the confidence, calmlyhas orderliness, when driving uses also can make the person to enhancethe vigilance.


They asked about mony, which alerted her.


When they mentioned money, she was on the stick.


When they asked about the money, she became on the stick.


The default settings put in place in a few easy steps during the installation seem ideal for general purpose use, information and alerting is clear and helpful without ever seeming intrusive or scare-mongering, and detailed configuration is about as straightforward and painless as such things can be. With the user experience reduced to an installation process, and possibly the occasional alert as another attack is spotted and blocked effortlessly, the unobtrusiveness is further enhanced by the product's legendary lightning speed, miraculously unimpeded by the additional protection, keeping overheads to a level barely noticeable on modern high-powered systems.

默认设置落实到位,在几个简单的步骤,在安装过程中,似乎理想的,为一般用途使用,信息和告警是明确的很有帮助而不似侵扰或危言耸听,并详细配置,是因为直率,毫不费力,因为这样的事情可以随用户体验减少,使安装过程中,并可能偶尔警觉另一种攻击是被检举,并堵塞毫不费力, unobtrusiveness是进一步提高产品的富有传奇色彩的闪电速度,奇迹般地畅通所额外保护,同时间接到一定程度,几乎没有明显的现代高功率系统。

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alert someone to sth:使...警觉,使...警惕

30alerta. 警觉的,灵敏的,留心的 | 31alert someone to sth使...警觉,使...警惕 | 32alibin. 不在场证明辩解,托辞


由于短时记忆是唤醒系统的功能并因而反映人们的"警觉"(alertness)状态,作者认为dDAVP能影响到唤醒系统更为警觉,并使之对来自膀胱的信号更为敏感. Medel(阿根廷)对33例患儿检测其晨8时血浆ADH值并分析其与dDAVP疗效之关系,

be alert to possible dangers:对可能发生的危险有警觉

energize 给与...能量,使活跃,加强 | be alert to possible dangers 对可能发生的危险有警觉 | The troops were placed on full alert. 部队处于全面戒备状态.


fondle: 爱抚,抚摸 | macabre: (多与死亡和死人有关)可怕的,骇人的 | alert: 使保持警觉

sit up for:不睡等待某人

sit up 坐起来 (使)坐直;熬夜;在餐桌就座 上桌,入席;吃惊, 警觉 | sit up for 不睡等待某人 | sit well on sb. (衣服)对某人很合身

understood understood:懂, 了解, 听说, 推定, 以为

扔, 抛, (指马)把骑者摔在地上, 使苦恼, 惊忧, 投掷 threw thrown | understand懂, 了解, 听说, 推定, 以为 understood understood | wake叫醒, 激发 醒来, 醒着, 警觉, 振奋 woke waked

It dawned on me:使我警觉到

222. Thank you for coming to see me off.谢谢你来为我送行. | 223. It dawned on me.使我警觉到. | 224. You can say that again/ I couldn't agree you more.同意所言.

注意的 vet.向报警:alert a

alert n.警戒(状态), 戒备(状态);报警 | alert a.警觉的,留神的,注意的 vet.向报警,使警惕; 使认识到 | Sirens sounded the alert for an air raid. ;空袭报警的警笛响起来.