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使苦恼 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
afflict  ·  ail  ·  bedevil  ·  beset  ·  distress  ·  excruciate  ·  fash  ·  gripe  ·  harrow  ·  harry  ·  irk  ·  plague  ·  sting  ·  torment  ·  twist  ·  twisted  ·  vex  ·  worry  ·  afflicted  ·  griping  ·  overweigh  ·  plagued  ·  tormented  ·  afflicts  ·  ailed  ·  ails  ·  bedeviled  ·  bedeviling  ·  bedevilled  ·  bedevilling  ·  bedevils  ·  besets  ·  distresses  ·  excruciated  ·  excruciates  ·  griped  ·  gripes  ·  harried  ·  harries  ·  harrowed  ·  harrows  ·  harrying  ·  irked  ·  irking  ·  irks  ·  overweighed  ·  overweighing  ·  overweighs  ·  plagues  ·  plaguing  ·  stings  ·  torments  ·  twists  ·  vexes  ·  worries

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I don't want to afflict you with my troubles.


I wish you would not afflict me with your constant complains .


I wish you would not afflict me with you constant complains .


Miss Glover suffered terribly from nervousness, and the notion of broaching so delicate a subject caused her indescribable tortures


Therefore if thou shalt separate from thyself, that is, from thy understanding, whatever others do or say, and whatever thou hast done or said thyself, and whatever future things trouble thee because they may happen, and whatever in the body which envelops thee or in the breath, which is by nature associated with the body, is attached to thee independent of thy will, and whatever the external circumfluent vortex whirls round, so that the intellectual power exempt from the things of fate can live pure and free by itself, doing what is just and accepting what happens and saying the truth: if thou wilt separate, I say, from this ruling faculty the things which are attached to it by the impressions of sense, and the things of time to come and of time that is past, and wilt make thyself like Empedocles' sphere


This state of things afflicted , but did not dishearten me .


This state of things afflicted, but did not dishearten me.


He gazed with terror on this beauty, which was blossoming out ever more triumphant and superb beside him, beneath his very eyes, on the innocent and formidable brow of that child, from the depths of her homeliness, of his old age, of his misery, of his reprobation.


Plague spot plague with plaguesome

折磨, 使苦恼,使得灾祸

It was now the Month of December, as I said above, in my twenty third Year; and this being the Southern Solstice, for Winter I cannot call it, was the particular Time of my Harvest, and requir'd my being pretty much abroad in the Fields; when going out pretty early in the Morning, even before it was thorow Day-light, I was surpriz'd with seeing a Light of some Fire upon the Shore, at a Distance from me, of about two Mile towards the End of the Island, where I had observ'd some Savages had been as before; but not on the other Side; but to my great Affliction, it was on my Side of the Island.


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afflict : af:表示 at, to 的意义 = 使苦恼,折磨

163、flict 打击 | afflict : af- 表示 at, to 的意义 = 使苦恼,折磨 | 164、frag, fract 破,折


aggregate 总计,合计 | aggrieve 使苦恼,使受屈 | align 使合作,排列成行

annoy:使苦恼, 骚扰

eurytrophy 广幅营养植物, 广幅营养性 | annoy 使苦恼, 骚扰 | pin marker 测针记号


run-time checking 运行时检查 | bedevil 虐待,使苦恼,使痛苦 | memory management model 内存管理模型


distressed /哀伤/狈/瘁/厄/窘/苦恼/忡/怛/悴/哀伤的/ | distressful /使苦恼的/苦难重重的/不幸的/ | distressing /使痛苦的/使烦恼的/悲伤的/

embitter: v. annoy; fill ... with bitter feelings:使苦恼,使......令人苦恼

Her husband was on parole last Friday. 上周五她丈夫被假释了... | 2. embitter: v. annoy; fill ... with bitter feelings 使苦恼,使......令人苦恼 | He was embittered by repeated failures. 他因屡次失败而苦恼...


iris 虹膜,彩虹 | irk 使苦恼,厌烦 | irksome 令人苦恼的,讨厌的

to make sb worried or upset:使忧虑;使烦恼;使苦恼

She didn't even take the trouble to find out how to spell my name. 她嫌麻烦,甚至连我的姓名如何... | to make sb worried or upset 使忧虑;使烦恼;使苦恼 VN | What is it that's troubling you? 是什么事使得你...

rive v.1:分裂,撕裂 2.使苦恼

ravel v.1.(使)纠缠,使错综复杂 2.解开,解决 | rive v.1.分裂,撕裂 2.使苦恼 | shark n.1.鲨鱼 2.骗子,贪婪狡猾的人 3.老手,专家 v.敲诈,欺骗


tormentil 雉子延之类 | tormentor 使苦恼之物 | tormentor 使苦痛之人