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基本解释 (translations)
civilise  ·  civilize  ·  civilizes  ·  civilizing

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Civilise / civilize v .


So long as there shall exist, by virtue of law and custom, decrees of damnation 惩罚 pronounced by society, artificially creating hells amid the civilization of earth, and adding the element of human fate to divine destiny; so long as the three great problems of the century-- the degradation of man through pauperism , the corruption of woman through hunger , the crippling of children through lack of light -- are unsolved; so long as social asphyxia is possible in any part of the world;--in other words, and with a still wider significance, so long as ignorance and poverty exist on earth, books of the nature of Les Miserables cannot fail to be of use.

只要是 法律与习俗所造成的社会压迫还存在一天,在文明昌盛时期因人为因素使人间变成地狱,并使人类与生俱来的幸福遭受不可避免的灾祸,只要---贫困使男人潦倒、饥饿使女人堕落、黑暗使小孩孱弱---这三个问题尚未获得解决;只要在某些地区还可能发生社会的毒害,换言之,只要这世界上还有愚昧与悲惨,那么,像本书这样的作品,也许不会是没有用的吧!

Include: Of history of civilization of baleful and misinterpret China, China and historical historical fact; Baleful and misinterpret his country the history, do not respect what civilization and custom are used to human civilization, his country; Derogate in cold blood, evil of figure of the anybody in doing famous book of character of revolutionary cacique, hero, important history character, China and foreign countries and famous work; Ill will derogates people army, armed police, public security and judicatory figure; Have mistreat captive, inquisition by torture to extort a confession of the clue such as convict or guilty suspect; Expression violates guilty aggressive arrogance, specific reveal criminality detail, reveal special investigation shift, expose what ought to be protected to inform against the figure such as person, witness, audio; Advertise religious ultraism, instigate between each religion, denomination, the contradiction between be religious and masses of lack of faith and conflict, harm masses emotive; Advocate sees photograph, fortune-telling, see ghost of geomantic, augur, drive treat a disease those who wait for feudal superstition activity; With evil do means to depict heavy nature calamity, contingency, horrible incident, war to wait for catastrophic occasion; Specific show licentious, rape, incestuous, love cadaver, walk the street, go whoring, of the clue such as sexual allergy, masturbation; Of the detail such as means of process of expression or obscure performance sexual behavior, sex, sex and as associated as this overmuch body contact; Show intentionally, be masked with limbs only or cover position of human body privacy with very small pall; Contain sexual suggestion, sex to tease those who wait to make the person produces a gender to associate easily; Advocate extramarital love, much horn is loved, one-night standing, sex is mistreated and change wife wait for insalubrious content; In order to grow up the film, affection lubricious film, 3 class piece, pat secretly, expose one's body, dew point reachs all sorts of flirtation to sexual written language or picture regard video program as caption or be classified; Have intense of the clue such as excitant homicide, bloody, violent, suicide, kidnap, drug taking, gamble, clever different; Have picture of excessive fright bloodcurdling, caption, background music and sound effect; Specific show animal of cause sb's death by maltreating him, catch kill, edible country protects kind of animal; Contain those who encroach individual privacy content; With affirmative, favorable fundamental key or fetching me-too means expression fights other people of affray, shame, corrupt of character bawdry; The philosophy with inactive, decadent advocate, world outlook and viewpoint of value, unwisdom of sedulous apply colours to a drawing, exaggerated nation lags behind or of social the seamy side; The cutout of the program of movie and TV that total bureau of TV of national broadcast film prohibits travelling and film, teleplay reduces part; Violate relevant law, statute of spirit.


In the background dependence of political civilization,from the mercy and bounty of governor to the enjoyment and request of own rights embodies the efforts and struggles of the proletariat in order to constitute the socail assistance legal institutions,which offers the room of political system where the social assistance legal institutions are able to exist and develop and strengthen;In the background dependence of economic system,the simple truth which the economic foundation determines the superstructure exerts its advancing logic concretely and really,where the gap between the poor and the rich will be widened continuely in the condition of market economy,and the dependence on the social assistance legal institutions for the poor will be more rainforced,and the request of rights for social assistance will become intense increasingly;In the background dependence of cultural tradition,the relief ideology such as Great Harmony Society,the ideality of equal wealth and the pursuit of the idea that those who have no kin and cann't support themselves can all be cultivated and so on which goes back to ancient times has been depositted into a luscious cultural tradition and Confucianism allegates implementing the humanity politics and sparkplugs cultivating and compensating people,which results in the thoughts of taking civilian as the foundation that occupy the inrooted station in Chinese culture,and the arrangements of social assistance legal institutions response the continue of renation in Chinese traditional culture;In the background dependence of internationalization,the ideaistic assimilation and the spread of arterial values quicken the speed of civilized fusion,and the social assistance legal institutions should response positively the relative legislative concept and methods which the world has achieved the common understanding on the base of using initialively the legislative experiences in the developed country and the ones where the relative institutions reach a better performance for reference.


Well,thereis only one answer to that alternative;there is onlyone way out of it,unless you are prepared to putback civilization two or three generations ;youmust give those women the vote.


In Lawrence"s point of view, the natural unspoiled place is corrupted by the march of civilization and the modern world is in a state of "waste land. Therefore he severely criticizes the industrial civilization, which devitalizes and dehumanizes modern man. And he eagerly calls for the revitalization of human beings.


"World in great fair" magazine is to lead the researchers of the social science theory to do the deep research and exploration for the East mainland cultural Chinese civilization, establish and convince the values of the civilization of "impartiality, harmony and responsibility", and the significances and contributions it will make for the world's spiritual civilization in the future. We will be in line with the "govern the country with law and morality," fully pursue and explore human morality, with a totally new governance ideal and concept to promote the development of the value civilization and concept of the Chinese civilization" impartiality, harmony and responsibility", and establish a solid, theoretical logical system with "impartiality, harmony, and responsibility" to make it impregnable and unassailable. She is better and greater than the West "democracy, freedom and human rights".


The ancient Egyptian civilization expedited in the world the first reed pen birth, the European civilization has caused feather writing brush being published, the Chinese civilization to create the writing brush.


The paper proposes the safety management in the expressway construction site according to the principle and method of location management so as to make work safe over a long period of time availab,establish the safe cultural view and keep the engineering project superior quality and safety.


From the angle of historical reason, constitutionalism is the certainty choice, foundation and insignia of modern political civ...


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文明 [反] barbarism 野蛮:civilization n

Nothing contents her, she is always complaining. 没有什么能使她满意,... | 2. civilization n. 文明 [反] barbarism 野蛮 | [例句] It is generally accepted that the Chinese civilization is one of the oldes...


civilization 文明 | civilize 使开化 | civilized 文明的


civil 公民的,平民的,国内的,文明的,有教养的 | civilize 使文明,开化 | claim 声称,主张,对...提出要求,索取

开化 civilize vt.使文明:civilization n

civil a.公民的;文职的 | civilization n.文明,文化;开化 civilize vt.使文明;教育 | claim vt.声称,主张;索取

文明 / civilize vt.使开化, 使文明:civilization n

-- Those plants are flourishing. 那些植物长得茂盛. | civilization n. 文明 / civilize vt.使开化, 使文明 | -- high level of civilization 高度文明

The African countries hoped to civilize all primitive tribes:非洲国家希望把非洲所有的原始部落都变成文明社 会

civilize vt.使文明,使开化 | The African countries hoped to civilize all primitive tribes. ;非洲国家希望把非洲所有的原始部落都变成文明社 会. | civilization n.文明,文化


使丧失文明decivilize | 使丧失勇气unnerve | 使丧失资格disqualify


decisively 决然地 | decivilize 使丧失文明 | deck cabin 甲板舱室


reciterrepeater 背诵者 | recivilize 使恢复文明 | reck 和...相关

oints across:(我要以更清楚文明的方式,提出我的看法,使对方了解我的观点. )

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