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主张 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
advocate  ·  affirmation  ·  allegation  ·  allege  ·  argue  ·  arguing  ·  assert  ·  assertion  ·  aver  ·  averment  ·  avouch  ·  claim  ·  maintain  ·  maintained  ·  notion  ·  opinion  ·  pretension  ·  proposition  ·  protest  ·  protestation  ·  contestation  ·  avers  ·  advocated  ·  advocates  ·  advocating  ·  alleges  ·  alleging  ·  argued  ·  argues  ·  asserting  ·  asserts  ·  averred  ·  averring  ·  avouched  ·  avouches  ·  avouching  ·  claimed  ·  claiming  ·  claims  ·  maintains  ·  propositioned  ·  propositioning  ·  propositions  ·  protested  ·  protesting  ·  protests  ·  assertions

go for · say-so · say-sos
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To accept this point of view is to refuse bureaucratic concept of authority and appreciate administrator's reasonable obedience, to overcome utilitarian ignorance of administrator's"inner interests"with excellent"practice"and take care of administrator's inner sentiments, to abnegate obsession with"control"and prejudice of administrator's autonomy and have eyes on administrator's ethical responsibilities, professional ethics and its construction.


From this starting point,Aronrefuses both idealism,which protest unconditionally univeral peace,and realism,which assertspower politics,but advocates antinomic prudence,which recognizes both the antinomybetween unversal peace and particular interests of states,which make it necessary to supportinternationa normals with force,and the aspect of humanity which hope for peace,whichrequires states to admit multiplicity,and make some concession in a case if necessary,so as tokeep the world peaceful in the short run and the long run.


An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin:"argument to the man","argument against the man") consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of the source making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim.

汉译:人身攻击的辩论,又作"argumentum ad hominem",通过攻击或者指责提出论点或者事实主张的一方的性格或者信仰,形成对某一论点或者事实主张的反驳,而不是依据论点本身的实际或者针对该主张的证据来提出反驳。

He made it clear that his own attitude, said: Reading is my idea, progenitor hole I advocate, Beit clearance Yue is what I advocated.


"To seek benefit for briber" is one of elements of the crime of taking bribes according to the rules of The Criminal Law Of The People's Republic Of China, but there are deferent views on this element. This thesis argues that the element is superfluous and unnecessary and should be abolished in the elements of the crime of taking bribes.

在我国 ,刑法规定非索取性受贿罪的成立要求有"为他人谋取利益"这一要素,而刑法理论上对这一要素在犯罪构成中的地位存在着种种不同的主张,文章在对这种种主张进行分析后认为,无论采用那一种主张,都会造成一些利用职务上的便利非法收受他人财物者逃脱受贿罪的刑事责任,应从刑法的规定中去除这一要素。

Since that time on,two regulations have existed. The first one suggests that the plaintiff,as claimer,undertakes the burden of proofs,and the second one the defendant.


Insofar as there is a coherent argument behind the extravagant distributions of guilt made by existentialists and other literary figures . it can be reconstructed in some such way as this : To whatever extent a political act is done'in one's name', to that extent one is responsible for it .


The indemnity, release, holding harmless, defendance and protection obligations assumed in Article XX shall apply in respect of the full liability of the indemnitee for claims, notwithstanding the indemnitee may be entitled to contribution thereto from any other person and notwithstanding such liability may relate to negligence of a third party, provided that in such event the indemnifying party shall be fully subrogated to the rights of the indemnitee against such third party.


The claim is similar to others the agency has approved in recent years to indicate heart benefits, including claims for the cholesterol-lowering effects of soluble fiber in oat bran and psyllium seeds.


The first part is an exordium in the paper and introduces the reason,meaning of topic selection and research status and so on.The second part adopts literature research method to analyze the theories of equal and right from notion definition,properties,development and th.e discrimination on the concept,laying a theoretical foundation of claiming equal employment rights,correcting the wrong views and setting up right value judgment.The third is a difficult part and uses various methods synthetically to analyze facts that the equal employment right of college students has being infringed severely in detail,from inequality of social relations to the restriction of age,gender,household registration which setting by employing unit,it provides the powerful support that it is urgency for college students to claim equal employment rights currently.The four part of paper by using case analysis method enumerates several typical cases and points out the realistic meaning and deficiency of assertors' action.


更多网络解释与主张相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]


disestablish 废除 | disestablishmentarian 主张政教分离者 | disestablishmentarianism 主张政教分离者


examination 考试 | examinationism 主张考试制度者 | examinationist 主张考试制度者


examinationism 主张考试制度者 | examinationist 主张考试制度者 | examinatorial 考试的

be in favour of:赞同、 支持或主张某事物

9. Stand for 代表 | be in favour of 赞同、 支持或主张某事物: | a party that stands for racial tolerance 主张种族间互谅互让的政党.


imply 暗示 | insist坚持说;主张 | maintain 主张;认为

legitimacy claim:正当性主张;合法性主张

"立法否决","legislative veto " | "正当性主张;合法性主张","legitimacy claim" | "赖纳 ","Lerner, Daniel "


recantation 放弃(信仰、主张等),撤回(声明等),公开认错 | recant 放弃(信仰、主张等),撤回(声明等),公开认错 | remand (法)还押,押候


rebuke 训斥 | recantation 放弃(信仰、主张等),撤回(声明等),公开认错 | recant 放弃(信仰、主张等),撤回(声明等),公开认错


capitulationist 投降主义者 | vaccinationist 主张种痘者 | occupationist 主张军事占领者

It is rumored that:有人主张

It is asserted that... 有人主张 | It is rumored that... 有人主张 | It is rumored that... 听说,谣传