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严厉地 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
rigorously  ·  roundly  ·  scathingly  ·  sharply  ·  sternly  ·  stringently

with a heavy hand
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To criticize severely and devastatingly; excoriate.


And then she goes straight into telling him what he ought to do, interrupting him, speaking to him "sternly," battering him with her relentless logic until he pettishly agrees to write to Sirius.


And as he stepped fussily back across the field his old man's voice cried sternly:-- What is the matter?


Pratap Chandra Mazumdar, the right-hand man of Keshab and an accomplished Brahmo preacher in Europe and America, bitterly criticized Sri Ramakrishna's use of uncultured language and also his austere attitude toward his wife. But he could not escape the spell of the Master's personality.

柯沙布的得力助手Pratap Chandra Mazumdar是梵志社在欧美的得力传教士,他严厉地批评室利罗摩克里希纳使用没有教养的语言,也批评他对妻子的严厉态度,但他也不能摆脱师父的人格魅力。

Did they know that he often cheated on and berated his wife...


After some preliminary paragraphs excoriating evolution (and sarcastically asking whether a 'Negro' is 'still in the process of evolving'), insulting Darwin personally, misquoting Huxley as an anti-evolutionist, and encouraging me to read a book which argues that the world is only eight thousand years old can he really be a doctor?


However, while a great number of penalties can , no doubt . plausibly be treated as retroactive license fees , this is hardly true of all of them . It is certainly not true . for example , of most demotions , firings , and flunkings , that they are'prices'paid for some already consumed benefit ; and even parking fines are sanctions for rules "meant to be taken seriously as ... standard of behavior ," [5][5]and thus are more than mere public parking fees .


You usually walk ahead happily, talking with your friends, but today all you can do is eye the ground and berate yourself.


The trial cannot proceed,' said the King in a very grave voice, 'until all the jurymen are back in their proper places-- ALL,' he repeated with great emphasis, looking hard at Alice as he said do.


Bellick snidely cracks an insensitive joke about Sara's safe return, but Pope shuts him down with a harsh reprimand."The next time you badmouth me to one of my superiors, there are going to be serious consequences. Do I make myself clear, Captain?"


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dourly:严厉地; 闷闷不乐地; 阴郁地 (副)

dourine 媾疫 (名) | dourly 严厉地; 闷闷不乐地; 阴郁地 (副) | douse 插入水中; 弄湿; 把弄熄; 浸泡 (动)


harry /掠夺/侵略/使痛苦/使苦恼/ | harshly /粗糙地/粗暴地/剌耳地/严厉地/严酷地/ | harshness /粗糙的事物/刺耳/严肃/


engine 发动机,引擎;机车 | harshly 严厉地;苛刻地 | harsh 粗糙的;(声音)刺耳的;严厉的,苛刻的

harshly harshlyadv:严厉地, 苛刻地

softer adj.软的, 柔软的, 温和的, 温柔的, 不含酒精的n.软件 | harshly harshlyadv.严厉地, 苛刻地 | berserk adj.adv.狂暴的(地), 疯的(地)

scathingly:严厉地, 尖刻地 (副)

scathing 伤害的; 严厉的; 损伤的; 苛刻的 (形) | scathingly 严厉地, 尖刻地 (副) | scatological 粪便学的; 下流的; 污秽的 (形)

starkly:严酷地; 明显地; 严厉地; 突出地 (副)

stark naked 一丝不挂的, 赤裸的 | starkly 严酷地; 明显地; 严厉地; 突出地 (副) | starkness 严厉; 明显; 严酷; 突出 (名)


sternite /腹片/ | sternly /严格地/严肃地/严厉地/断然地/坚决地/严正/ | sternmost /最靠近船尾的/最后面的/

with a heavy hand:残酷地; 严厉地; 暴虐地; 专制地 笨拙地; 粗枝大叶(地)

with a firm hand 坚决地 | with a heavy hand 残酷地; 严厉地; 暴虐地; 专制地 笨拙地; 粗枝大叶(地) | with a sparing hand 节约地; 吝惜地


perishing /严厉的/要命的/讨厌的/糟糕的/ | perishingly /严厉地/讨厌地/ | perisperm /外胚乳/

repressively:压抑地, 抑制地; 严厉地; 压制地 (副)

repressive 压抑的, 镇压的, 抑制的 (形) | repressively 压抑地, 抑制地; 严厉地; 压制地 (副) | repressiveness 压抑; 压制 (名)