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around the city的中文,翻译,解释,例句

around the city

around the city的基本解释


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With around 50kg on board, just under the City's ratedcapacity, the handling remains perfectly predictable. At that weight you're just starting to see a little drawbar flex under acceleration and hard braking, but nothing to be concerned about, and much better than most I've tried.

当装上约50公斤的物品后,City 的操控仍然完全在掌握中;在如此的承重状态下,你只会在加速或是刹车时感觉到手把稍微伸缩,其它完全不用操心;City 比我测试过绝大部分的拖车要好上许多。

By the study of the relationship between vegetation and spatial characteristics of UHI, the mainly spatial characteristics of UHI has been analyzed and it was:(1) The terrain of the suburbs is higher than the urban region, the gradient of the terrain height is small, and this geomorphological featrue is conducive to assemble of the heat, the UHI phenomenon of Changsha is obvious especially in the summer night;(2) The UHI distribution is similar to the outline of the urban construction. The LST of urban is 3-5℃ higher than the flat low areas close around the city, and 6-8℃ higher than further areas. The region which has the most obvious UHI phenomenon is the region surrounded by the second city ring road, and the UHI phenomenon gradually weakened from the city centre to suburb;(3) The impact of geomorphological character to UHI is notable, the relationship between vegetation index and UHI is Anti-related, it was indicated that the improvement of the vegetational status is very important to the elimination of UHI phenomenon, the implementation of the urban green land planning can reduce UHI effect.


Also said driving, tried to play the version only to provide NESSION 350Z, but some four kind of different color different re-equipping edition chose (partner for you to think this vehicle buttocks oversized, kept off line of sight very much), had under the QUICKPLAY pattern around the city and drifts two kind of patterns: The around the city pattern is four Che Bishui arrives the end point most quickly, this racecourse is not very long, but has several S curves to need to be careful, the vehicles were inferior the previous generation easy to control, feel and NFS5 are similar, belong to the design quite real that kind, when immediately is turning around in particular front of a train if you hold down the acceleration key not to put the automobile to be able in-situ to spin, discharges the big group the smog, the air vent also can torch.

游戏的音频似乎没有特别值得关注的地方,大部分是赛车发出的声音,诸如发动机的轰鸣声和刹车时轮胎摩擦地面发出的声音等,音乐和环境噪声相当的低,有3首歌供选择,还是那种动感十足的 Hiphop 曲风。再说说驾驶,试玩版只提供了一辆 NESSION 350Z ,不过有四种不同颜色不同改装的版本供你选择(偶认为此车屁股过大,很挡视线),在 QUICKPLAY 模式下有环城和漂移两种模式:环城模式还是四辆车比谁最快到达终点,该赛道不是很长,但有几个 S 弯道需要小心,车辆不如上一代易控制,手感和 NFS5差不多,属于设计比较真实的那种,尤其是在马上掉转车头的时如果你按住加速键不放汽车会原地打转,排出大团的烟雾,排气孔还会喷火。

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