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Radio Suckers



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People,it's time for the Ice crush 人,是时候为冰美眉

So listen to my words I bring much 所以听我的话我带来多大

Sense,as I commence,my lirycs intense 从某种意义上说,我开始,我lirycs激烈

Get telephoto,break out your big lens 获取长焦,打破了你的大镜头

Look,check out the sales charts 你看,检查出销售排行榜

My record's kickin',I'm breakin' P.D.'s hearts 我记录的在唱歌“ ,我唱到 P.D.的心

They banned me from their shows 他们禁止我从他们的节目

Because they said I'm too hard 因为他们说我太辛苦

But no sell-out,I guess I'm just barred 但没有卖完,我想我只是被禁止

I ain't changin' mine for no body 我是不是起了变化“雷无体

They bleeped words from Doug's LA-DE-DA-DE 他们bleeped话,从道格的LA- DE -DA -DE

I can't get a bleep?What's the deal? 我不能得到一个哔哔?这是怎么回事?

Maybe my words are just too real 也许我的话太真实

It's not profanity,it's just the man and me 这不是亵渎,这只是男人和我

He doesn't want you to see what I see 他不想让你看到我所看到的

Doesn't want you to be what you can be 不希望你成为你能成为什么

Word,censorship of reality 总之,审查的现实


Radio suckers never play me [x3] 无线电吸盘从来不玩了我[ X3 ]

[sampler of PE "rebel without a pause"] [体育取样“造反没有暂停”]


Suckers don't,but some do 吸盘不这样做,但有些

The real troopers bring the ICE to you 真正的士兵把冰给你

And close friends to me,yea,PUBLIC ENEMY 和亲密的朋友给我的,是啊, PUBLIC ENEMY

These stations have high intellect 这些电台有很高的智力

They don't pretend to be,too bourgeois to rock a jam raw 他们不假装,太资产阶级的动摇果酱原料

Understand what I'm sayin',they're down by law 明白我的意思,他们是下来了法律

They play the jams that are right,sometimes not polite 他们扮演的是对的,有时毫不客气的果酱

They realize you gotta get some people uptight 他们意识到,你得让一些人紧张

Speak the word,your voice will definitely be heard 你说一句话,你的声音一定会被听到

Lie to yourself,you're destined to be to the curb 骗自己,你注定要到路边

Some stations don't care,they'll never put on the air 有些站不关心,他们永远不会把在空气

Nothin' but commercial junk,their brain power's impaired 没什么只是商业垃圾,他们的大脑能力的受损

They don't listen or try to hear what I write 他们不听,或尝试听听我写的

Maybe just think once,or try some school at night 也许只是想一次,或尝试一些学校在夜间

They're makin' radio wack,people have to escape 他们是金电台怪人,人有逃生

But even if I'm banned,I'll sell a million tapes 但是,即使我被禁止,我就卖一百万录音带


Radio suckers never play me [x3] 无线电吸盘从来不玩了我[ X3 ]


I made records for music,not for the money 我做了记录,音乐,不是为了钱

To some of you that might sound funny 一些你可能有点可笑

But I ain't broke,and I don't joke 但我没坏,我不开玩笑

And my lirics are known to make ears smoke 我lirics是众所周知的,使耳朵烟

Clear as a gun scope,I speak the pure dope 清澈如枪的范围,我说的是纯原液

Can the radio handle the truth?...Nope 无线电可以处理的真相? ...都能跟得上

Uncut,no edits,no censors 完整无缺的,没有编辑,没有审查

You can get a plastic rapper from any ol'dispenser 您可以从任何oldispenser得到一个塑料说唱歌手

A penny a yard,to make a record ain't hard 一分钱一码,做一个记录并不难

But to make it mean something,that's a job 但是,为了使这意味着什么,这是一个工作

But then we do it,they refuse it 但是我们做到这一点,他们拒绝它

So I tell them duck suckers to cold go screw it 所以我告诉他们的鸭子吸盘感冒去拧

We shouldn't sell out,we should just yell out 我们不应该卖掉,我们应该喊出来

And get them wack motherfuckers the hell out 并让他们怪人贱人,滚出去


Radio suckers never play me [x4] 无线电吸盘从来不玩了我[ X4 ]


Cruisin' down the street what do I see? Cruisin 在街上我看到了什么?

Crash Task Force,L.A.P.D. 撞车专责小组, L.A.P.D 。

Gangs illin',wildin' and killin' 黑帮illin “ , wildin ”和杀人

Hustlers on a roll,like they got a million 上卷混混,就像他们得到了一百万

Girls on the strap and you know that 关于肩带的女孩,你知道,

You know the guys will stop wildin' if you stop that crap 你知道你们会停止wildin “如果你停止废话

But you can't,you want money so bad 但你不能,你要的钱那么糟糕

You'll jock anything with the Gucci tag 你会用Gucci的标签乔克什么

You gotta have it,so the men go get it 你得有吧,所以这些人去得到它

Robbin' and stealin',soon to regret it 罗宾和stealin “ ,很快就后悔了

Livin' in a jail cell,feelin' like a dumbbell 活着的牢房,感觉就像一个哑铃

While you jump the next jock,well 当你跳到下一个名嘴,以及

That's reality,that's what I see 这就是现实,这就是我看到的

Nobody says that you have to agree 没有人说,你要同意

Censorship that ain't the way to be 检查是不是必须的方式

I thought you said this country was free? 我还以为你说这个国家是免费的吗?


Radio suckers never play me [x2] 无线电吸盘从来不玩了我的[X2 ]


Tone it down,...Is what they say to me 调下来, ......是他们给我说的

The FCC will not allow profanity 美国联邦通信委员会将不允许亵渎

Your subject matter's too hard,make a love song 你的题材太辛苦,让情歌

You better get real,come on 你最好实际一点,加油

I ain't no lover,I'm a fighter 我是不是没有情人,我是一个斗士

Hard core radical rap rhyme writer 硬核说唱激进作家韵

Pushin' the botton,E does the cuttin' 推着的钮,E请问cuttin

Everything I say amounts to something 我说的一切款项的东西

More than a single rap,I'm too deep for that 多单说唱,我太深了

I lay my lirics with logic,press the wax 我躺在我的lirics与逻辑,按蜡

Play it on your tape deck,feel the effect 发挥你的磁带卡座,感觉效果

If you can't take the heat,eject 如果你不能走热,弹出

But I know you can,'cause you're an ICE-T fan 但我知道你可以,因为你是一个ICE -T的风扇

No sell-outs here,my man 不卖奏这里,我的男人


Radio....[fade out] 收音机.... [淡出]

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