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F The BS


歌词相关歌手:SIR MIX-A-LOT

English lyrics 中文对照歌词

[Intro: talking] [简介:说话]

Like it was before, as usual 像从前那样,像往常一样

Somethin different, the boy never sounds the same 事端不同,这个男孩再也不会听起来一样


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Body by Nautilus and you ain't even with this 车身由鹦鹉螺,你甚至没有与此

I'm the man, all the homeboys wanna dis 我是男人,所有的homeboys想DIS

Crushin, killin, never beat stealin Crushin ,杀人,从不打stealin

But I'm hell when it comes to rhyme dealin 但我的地狱,当谈到韵的戏份

Death to competitors, long live Mix-A-Lot 死亡竞争对手,万岁混合的A - 地段

You understand motherfucker I'ma hard rock 你明白我是个混蛋硬岩

Beat 'em up and pick 'em up and make 'em miss the stick up 打败他们了,拿起举起手来,让时间错过了撅

But my gat close range, take his wallet, kick him in his cup 但我的水道近距离,拿他的钱包,他踢在他的杯子

Drop the games, cause they really ain't necessary 下降的游戏,因为他们实在是没有必要的

You can be a water rated, boy you ain't legendary 你可以是额定水,小子你是不是传说中的

Sue it far in the Caddy, I'ma chillin 据起诉它的球童,我是个寒冷

To your girlies I'ma hero, to you suckers I'ma villian 您的girlies我是英雄,你我是冤大头反派

I've done, get me mad I might try 我已经做了,让我疯了我可能会尝试

Can't find a better rhyme, if you do you better buy it 不能找到一个更好的韵,如果你这样做,你最好买它

Serious and callous could be deadly to competitors 严重的,冷酷的可能是致命的竞争对手

What am I sayin? (your gonna get yours) 我该说什么? (你会得到你的)


[Chorus: scratched] [合唱:划破]

F the BS .. F表示BS ..

F the BS .. F表示BS ..

F the BS .. F表示BS ..


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Memories of bein broke, keep me on the war path 贝因回忆分手,让我在战争道路

Hittin like a wreckin ball, Lord it's like a punk blast 地球上像一个乐队创作了歌曲的球,主它就像一个朋克爆炸

Swayed, raid in effect, my posse's with it 左右,在突袭的效果,我一团的吧

Put a fifty on the floor, like a punk you wouldn't get it 把50放在地板上,像一个朋克,你就不会得到它

Neck snap, head crack, put you on a meat rack 领扣,头裂,把你放在肉架上

I ain't playin with you boy, you know I mean that 我是不是跟你的孩子在玩,你知道我的意思是

Physical rhymes all meant to intimidate 物理童谣注定恐吓

All niggaz take note, don't imitate 所有的兄弟们注意,千万不要模仿

Rippin is the cut, freaks scurry for my T-I-P Rippin是切,怪胎乱窜我的T- I-P

Tryna get an autograph from M-I-X-A-L-O-T tryna得到来自M- I- X-A - L-O -T的签名

Down for the title match and you know what I'm talkin about 下来的冠军争夺战,你知道我在说有关

Muscle bound, full of things, knock a sucker's lights out 肌肉的约束,装满了东西,磕了吸盘的熄灯

Bring it to my level, boy you better start climbin 它带给我的水平,男孩,你最好开始climbin

When she's grindin, I'm hardcore rhymin 当她的折磨,我的铁杆rhymin

Lyric to your gut and all your lines just buckle 抒情,以你的直觉,你所有的线只是扣

When you make it to the top, I put these boots on your knuckles 当你到了山顶,我把这些靴子在你的指关节

Walk into the party like a mob, wearin jet black 走进党就像一个暴徒穿着45号球衣墨黑

"Swass" skin in effect, sportin coon hat “ Swass ”肌肤的效果, sportin浣熊帽

Walk by sucker punk, look like eat crackers 通过吸盘朋克行走,看起来像吃饼干

He mumbled somethin, so my posse walked backwards 他喃喃自语事端,所以我的波塞向后走

Catch 'em on the corner stone and hit 'em with the gat chrome 赶上时间上的基石和打他们的镀铬水道

Let 'em know my posse's gettin bigger, when were back home 让他们知道我一团的大刚开的时候是回家

A big maulin, you know my beat is def 一个大茂林,你知道我是拍高清

You know who you are, F the BS 你知道你是,女基站谁


[Break] [打破]

Yeah boy, they rappin five slang 是的男孩,他们说唱5俚语

Cuttin, you know who it is Cuttin ,你知道他是谁

Comin back at ya, ain't gonna put your name on wax 今儿回来的你,是不会把你的名字蜡

I really don't wanna make you famous sucker 我真的不想让你出名吸盘


[Chorus] [合唱]

F the BS F表示BS

F the BS F表示BS

F the BS F表示BS


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Reconnect my dialect with modified jargon 重新连接我的方言与修改行话

Heavy snaps, never lookin for a bargain 沉重的按扣,永不看着便宜货

Tumble when the pressure's on, walkin like a movie clips 翻滚时压对,大像电影片段

Slow mo, pants low, jeans layin off my hip 慢速月,低的裤子,牛仔裤开始裁员了我的臀部

Big shoes, laces loose, a rap warrior 大鞋,鞋带松了,一个说唱战士

Real beat boy, leavin crowds in euphoria 实拍小男孩,在兴奋要走群众

Transform, super fast, nice slice, what a blast 变换,超快速,美观大方片,什么爆炸

Movin like the speed of light, so quick I shatter plexiglass 居无定像光的速度,所以快点,我打碎有机玻璃

[beat changes] Here's the beat and c'mon girlies get with it [击败变化]这里的节奏和来吧girlies得到它

You like my tuning cabilities, admit it 你喜欢我的调cabilities ,承认这一点

It's the man with the westbound attitude 这是男人的态度西行

Big gold rope, rusty knuckles, ain't afraid of you 金大绳,生锈的关节,是不是怕你

Raise an eyebrow, try to figure out how 提高眉毛,揣摩如何

Mix-A-Lot made the drums go (POW POW) MIX-一个批量制作的鼓点走(POW POW)

Understand it's the undercover game plan 知道这是卧底的游戏计划

Mix-A-Lot soon to be your (TOP MAN) 混合 - A - 地段马上要你(头号人物)

Yes sirry and put my hammer on a convoy 有西里,把我的锤子在车队

Mix-A-Lot on the stage I'ma (ROUGH BOY) 在舞台上混的A - 地段我是(粗男孩)

Yes so rough boy, creepin up the backside 是那么粗糙的男孩,情不自禁起来背面

Mix-A-Lot sign 'em up for the (BIG FIGHT) 混合 - A - 地段签署“举起手来的(大打)


[solo of the new beat] [新拍的独奏]


[two beats scratched] [两拍划伤]


[scratched] [抓伤]

Raised, raised in LA 提出,在洛杉矶提出


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Dynamo, good to go, rough on your stereo 迪纳摩,好走,粗糙的立体

I'm like a cannibal, got you like "Rambo" 我像一个吃人的,把你喜欢的“兰博”

Don't like riff-raff kick you in the left calf 不喜欢流氓踢在左小腿

I ain't a joke and no coke, buddy don't laugh 我是不是一个笑话,没有焦炭,哥们不笑

I'm serious, my intention is to overthrow 我是认真的,我的目的是要推翻

The rap government from Crenshaw to Tupelo 说唱政府从克伦肖图珀洛

It's like a bug always tickin in my mind 这就像永远tickin在我的脑海中的错误

It's tellin me "buddy, it's time" 它在告诉我:“哥们,现在是时候”


[Chorus: scratched] [合唱:划破]

F the BS .. F表示BS ..

F the BS .. F表示BS ..

F the BS .. F表示BS ..


[Outro: talking] [scratching continues] [尾奏:说话] [搔抓待续]

Look here sucker, this is my program 看看这里吸盘,这是我的计划

I'm about to throw down and take over the rap land 我即将摔倒并接管说唱土地

You know what I'm sayin? 你知道我在说什么?

Somethin different, somethin new 事端不同的,新的事端

Ain't none of that same old stuff you hear on your stereo 是不是没有在炒冷饭,你听到你的音响

You know I'm sayin, you know who I am 你知道我的意思,你知道我是谁

Check me out 我进行检查

F the BS, sucker F表示BS ,吸盘

Yeah, F the BS 是的,女的BS

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