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歌词相关歌手:SIR MIX-A-LOT

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[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

Here's a gory kind a story about a ole be freak 这里有一个血淋淋的那种关于一个OLE故事是怪胎

With a 40-inch waist and a 10-inch beak 用40英寸的腰围和10英寸的喙

Overweight and out a shape with a triple chin 超重和出的形状与三下巴

Her brassiere strike fear in the hearts of men 她的胸罩罢工恐惧男人的心


The girl's a Bremelo. 这个女孩是一个Bremelo 。

The girl's a Bremelo. 这个女孩是一个Bremelo 。


[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

Me and Terry hoped the ferry we were lookin suave 我和特里希望我们看着风流倜傥的渡轮

When I dip, hit the shift we were almost horse 当我浸,打我们几乎马移位

It was a big Bremelo standin on my toe 这是对我的脚趾大Bremelo standin

Had an over jelly belly tryin to say hello 已经过果冻肚子试着打个招呼

I was really kind a frightened as she looked my way 我当时真有种受惊,她看着我的方式

I tried to run because her buns made the ferry sway 我试图运行,因为她做的包子渡轮挥洒

To be blunt she was fat and ready for combat 说白了,她长得胖,做好战斗准备

All the way to Bremerton were the fat is at 一路布雷默顿是胖是


The girl's a Bremelo. 这个女孩是一个Bremelo 。

Let's go. 我们走吧。


[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

I love bacon over steak and about those big ole ducks 我爱培根在牛排和那些大的OLE鸭子

She had hairy underarms and a whopping gut 她毛茸茸的腋下和高达肠

My hair was short and wavy, drove my pitbull crazy 我的头发是短的波浪,开着我的比特犬疯狂

A Bremerton beast chasin fellas in the Navy 在海军布雷默顿兽追赶的小伙子们

After movie she's the feature, the Bremerton creature 看完电影后,她的特点,在布雷默顿生物

You wear a lifejacket if you ever try to freak her 你穿救生衣,如果你曾经尝试发飙了

Look at her physique she ain't my kinda freak 看她的身形,她是不是我有点怪胎

The floor creaks when the beast starts reachin her peak 当兽开始要触摸她的巅峰地板吱嘎声


[Break: Sir Mix-A-Lot] [打破:混合 - A - 地段爵士]

The girl's a Bremelo. 这个女孩是一个Bremelo 。

Just a Bremelo. 只是Bremelo 。

Change the beat! 改变节拍!

[beat changes, then changes back to the original] [击败更改,然后又变回原来的]


[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

You can't ignore the way she snores, cause she blows down doors 你不能忽略她打呼噜的样子,因为她吹下来的门

Baby's got the kind a face only a mother adores 宝宝有张脸只有母亲崇拜的那种

A big basketball head with a 10-inch beak 一个大篮球头10寸嘴

Big lips, no hips with the smell of a beast 大嘴唇,没有臀部与野兽的气味

I couldn't put her in my Caddy or my tranny would break 我不能把她放在我的球童和我的tranny将打破

I heard a dirt because of poverty, but she took my cake 我听说是因为贫穷的污垢,但她把我的蛋糕

When it comes to Kool-Aid the girl would drink it in pints 当涉及到库尔急救的女孩会喝它品脱

You go to school for twenty years and your still in the ninth? 你上学了二十多年,你仍然在第九?


You're just a Bremelo. 你只是一个Bremelo 。

Just a Bremelo. 只是Bremelo 。


[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

You pink triple-chin unattractive duck 您粉色三下巴吸引力鸭

Your boyfriend beats freaks up to make a buck 你的男友拍怪胎了才有钱赚

Hangin round 3rd and Pike, on a ten-speed bike 犹豫不决轮第3和派克,在十速自行车

You can say that I'm a liar, but you know I'm right 你可以说我是个骗子,但你知道我是对的

You talk behind my back, because I dropped you flat 你跟在我后面,因为我放弃了你平

And you never take a shower cause your too damn fat 你永远不洗澡使你太他妈的胖

So your man was smart when he broke your heart 所以,你的人是聪明的,当他打破你的心脏

Because if Mix-A-Lot a cut ya, you a fell apart 因为如果混合 - 一个批量切割你,你收杆

Wearin polyester slacks, with elastic in the back 穿着45号球衣涤纶裤,松紧带在后面

You could flatten Schwarzenegger in a wrestling match 你可以在摔跤比赛压平施瓦辛格

You got lips like a character in some cartoon 你有嘴唇像一些卡通人物

With a pink posterior, you big baboon 用粉红色后,你的大狒狒


Your just a [sound of a elephant yelling] 你只是一个[A大象吆喝声]

[sound of elephant yelling] [大象吆喝声]


[Sir Mix-A-Lot] [混合的A - 地段爵士]

Now Bremerton's a city right outside of mine 现在布雷默顿一个城市我的右外

Most girls there are ducks, but a few are fine 大多数女孩还有鸭子,不过也有一些细

But the ones that I speak about 但是那些我谈谈

Used their face for catchin trout 用他们的脸上捉鳟鱼

Vacuum clears for a mouth 真空清除的嘴

You know what I'm talkin about 你知道我在说有关

Mud ducks, hockey pucks, drivers of Mack trucks 泥鸭,冰球,麦克卡车司机

Lame brains, diesel trains, pick 'em up you have to strain 跛脚的大脑,柴油火车,捡举起手来,你必须应变

Big butt, crew cut, extraordinary gut 大屁股,小平头,非凡的直觉

Big momma, kinda buff, facial hairs a kinda rough 超级妈妈,有点浅黄色,面部根头发有点粗糙


[Outro - Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking] [尾奏 - 混合 - A - 地段先生 - 说]

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck 鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭

Girl's a Bremelo 女孩的一款Bremelo

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck 鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭,鸭

[pig grunting noises are mixed in with word "duck"] [猪的呼噜声混在了单词“鸭” ]

The girl's a Bremelo 这个女孩是一个Bremelo

"duck" [repeated until fade] “鸭子” [重复进行,直到淡出]

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