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成人 的英文翻译、例句


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Based on successful experience, we will choose several adult education organizations as seed and research targets and take down progresses and outcome of such organizations. Continuously, we are going to spread adult education organization innovation management around by holding seminars to move up academicism.


The relationship between adult development and adult education is an important problem in the studies of adult education theory.


Late to early school-aged adults (14-18 years old) in this period the child gradually mature brain, the gradual improvement of capacity is a child psychologist to the psychological turning point for adults and transition period, this phase should gradually increase the child's adult awareness, the church kids the way to adult to express the aspirations and fulfilling their aspirations, education and ways adults can use the methods and examples in order to promote awareness of children's adult-oriented formation of a smooth integration with the community.


Results The percentages of hypertension, renal insuficiency and anuria in children HSPN patients were lower than that in adults.

结果 儿童HSPN表现为高血压、肾功能不全及少尿者的比例低于成人;儿童HSPN病理分级为Ⅳ~Ⅵ级者的比例低于成人;随访中儿童HSPN完全缓解及改善的比例高于成人,而恶化的比例低于成人

By the adult,says is the moral wants the good .but foundation of the moral wants the good faith,this point as if is the vouth who soon good faith,this point as if is the youth who soon marches into the society ,natural.by maturing,resembled studies this degree,should be successful,what but faced was a broader ignorance,studied,but not deep,knew but not fine,the innermost feelings,went without saying apprehensively.by industry,as if only then achieves the adult you only then to be possible.to complete,no matter and matures or not but you must achieve want the adult,however the adult with the relations which matures,did not need to speak the archaism to have the cloud:the pre-advance its matter ,must benefit first its,the adult with matures is also so,if wants to mature you to result in the first adult.


In this thesis, starting with analysis of the current status of the Chinese adult education, in this field, the questions urgently settled has been introspected and concluded, and the development of characteristic and experience on Britannic, Germanic, stateside, and so on, adult education have been investigated, on the basis of which, foundation of the sustained development mode of the Chinese adult education that needs accommodate times development has been considered and studied combining the theory with the practice.


Methods (1)We observed the serial sheet sections of the optic apex region obtained using collodion microtomy in 4 adult cadaver heads;(2)High resolution CT scanning and three dimensional images of the optic apex region were observed and measured in 10 adult volunteers;(3)High resolution magnetic resonance images of the optic apex region were obse.


While at the same time it can hardly gain development due to the stereotype engrained in society, sluggishness legislation in this area, remaining in the diploma compensation phase in some province and cites, as well as problems in adult education quality at the present stage.


According to the multi-sources and courses analysis model,the dislocation of existing space,the lacking of policy attention and the flawing of value approval in our adult education have caused the phenomenon of marginalization of adult education.To make ...


In view of the existing problems in this respect,the author discusses the mode of the archive administration and holds that the key idea is that we must strengthen the publicity of the archive law and knowledge,raise the consciousness of each archive administrator and ful...


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adult education:成人高等教育

成人教育机制:adult education system | 成人高等教育:adult education | 成人高等教育:adult higher education

Adult Education Management:成人教育管理

贫困农村:adult literacy education | 成人教育管理:Adult Education Management | 成人高等教育:higher adult education

Adult education teacher:成人教育教师

成人教育管理:Adult Education Management | 成人教育教师:Adult education teacher | 成人教育机制:adult education system

adult school:成人学校

看起来你应该是要去念成人学校 (Adult school),那种成人学校的语文课多半是给那些教育程度不高的中老年移民学习基本英语用的-我刚来美国时上过,五天跳了三级之后,最高级班的老师建议我去上college-当然你还是可以从中学到一些生活英语,

Adult Education Centre:成人教育中心

admission test 入学测试 | Adult Education Centre 成人教育中心 | adult education programme 成人教育课程

Mature Humor:成人笑话:即成人幽默

Lyrics - 粗口歌词:和性,暴力,酒精和毒品有关的歌词 | Mature Humor - 成人笑话:即成人幽默 | Nudity - 裸体:图片或者描述中包含裸体内容

adult periodontitis:成人牙周炎

成人学习者:adult learner | 成人牙周炎:adult periodontitis | 成人学习者:adult learners

remand centre:成人拘留候审所

成人教育,继续教育/further education | 成人拘留候审所/remand centre | 成人业余补习学校/continuation school

WAIS profile:韦氏成人智力量表剖图 韦氏成人智力量表剖图

wailful 悲恸的 | WAIS profile 韦氏成人智力量表剖图 韦氏成人智力量表剖图 | WAIS scatter profile 韦氏成人智力量表离散剖图


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